Add documents to your Document Management library

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To create new documents in AODocs Document Management, open your library from the AODocs interface. Click on “NEW” and select the document class where you want to create a document (1). 

- If your library contains only one document class, the document is created in this document class.
- The “NEW” button appears only if you have the permission to create a new document.

Creating a new Document in AODocs

You will then be directed to the document creator, where there are 4 important parts:

    • Title of the document (2);
    • Properties (3), fields defined by the library administrator when configuring the document class;
    • Attached files (4), you can attach files from your computer or that you own in your Google Drive;
    • Description (5), write a description.

Note: In the properties part, the red fields are mandatory to be able to create the document.

Click on “Save document” (6) to save and close the document editor.

Document editor in AODocs Document Management

Once validated, your AODocs document is fully created.

An AODocs document with properties, attachments and description

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