Copy documents in Secured Folders

In an AODocs library, you can copy AODocs documents with their properties, attachments, relations, description and permissions.

Note: Only the last version of a document is copied with its version name and description. The workflow state is restarted on the copy.

You can copy documents if you are:

  • allowed to create documents in the document class
  • a reader or contributor on the document
  • a contributor on the parent folder if the permissions are inherited from folders
  • a contributor on the document class permissions

Learn more: Configure inherited permissions on documents

As a reader, you can't copy a document if a library administrator has prevented viewers from downloading, copying and printing the document in the AODocs interface.

1. In Google Drive, hover your cursor over the document you want to copy.

2. Click the More actions button and select Make a copy.

3. A dialog opens. Select where you want to copy the document:

  • in My Drive
  • in the current folder

Note: If you don't have edit rights in the current folder, you can only copy the document to My Drive.

4. Click Copy. The copy will be named Copy of [filename].


– If you copy the document to your My Drive, the workflow state and properties of the current document aren't set on the copied document.
– If you copy the document to the current folder, the workflow state isn't set on the copied document, but the properties are retained.

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