Search for files in your Team Folders or Secured Folders

The AODOcs Smartbar extends the standard Google Drive keyword search (1) features by adding the option to search files in specific folders (2). This option only appears when a folder managed by AODocs (either a Team Folder library or a Secured Folder library) is opened in Google Drive.
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Here is the search bar when the currently selected folder is not managed by AODocs:

Search bar in a regular Google Drive folder

Here is the search bar when the currently selected folder is managed by AODocs:

Search bar in an AODocs folder with the “Search in Folder” button

Search by keywords

When using the “Search in folder” option, the search results list (1) only displays files contained in the current folder and its subfolders, as indicated by a pop-up message. The pop-up provides a link to expand the list to include all Google Drive search results (2).

Search results after a search in a folder

Note: The option "Search in folder" only displays files. The folders are not displayed in the result.

Use an empty search query to list all the files in a folder

The search in folder button can be used to display in a “flat” list all the files contained in a folder and its subfolders. To do this, first select an AODocs folder with the library picker (1), and then click on the “Search in folder” button (2) without entering any keyword in the search box. This way the system will display all files contained in the chosen folder and all its subfolders.

Before clicking on the “Search in folder” button

Selecting a folder managed by AODocs and displaying every files it contains

After clicking on the “Search in folder” button

List of every files in the folder selected and in its subfolders

Note that you can sort the search results: at the top right corner, click on the sort button: .
Then choose an option:

  • Name: Orders files alphabetically by filename.
  • Last modified: Orders files by the last time any user made a change.
  • Last modified by me: Orders by the last time you changed a file.
  • Last opened by me: Orders by the last time you opened a file.

Refine a search query

You can further refine your search after a “search in folder” query if you click on the little arrow (1) at the right of the query window. In this example, we refine the search results for the files containing the keyword “invoices” to include only PDFs (2). Then click on the “search in folder” button (3).

image06.pngRefining the query to search to only PDFs in a specific folder

The search results will show only PDF files matching the keyword “invoices” contained in the selected folder and its subfolders

Search results list showing only PDF files

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