Rename files and folders

To rename a folder managed by AODocs in Google Drive, you must have the permission to edit the folder you want to rename. 

Hover your cursor over the folder you want to rename. The AODocs Smartbar buttons appear at the right of the name field. Click the “Rename AODocs folder” button (1) to rename your folder.

Note: This button is available in Secured Folders only. In Team Folders you can use the Google Drive button as you can see below with the files.

Renaming a Secured Folder from the folders list in Google Drive

Type the new name (2) and click on “Rename” (3) in the pop-up.

Pop-up to rename the folder

To rename a file managed by AODocs in Google Drive, click on the file you want to rename, click on the “More Actions” button (2) then click on “Rename...” (3).

Renaming an AODocs file in Google Drive

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