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To add new documents to a Team Folder, you can use the same method as you use when adding files to regular Google Drive folders.

 Import files from your computer
 Import files from Google Drive
 Add a document into different locations

Import files from your computer

You can drag and drop files and folders from your computer into the destination folder:

You can also import local files or folders from a file picker.

1. Access your destination folder using the library picker or Google Drive’s directory.


2. Click on “NEW”.
3. Click on "File upload" or "Folder upload".


4. Select the files from your computer in the pop-up.
5. Click “Open” to import them.


Import files and folders from Google Drive

Important: You need to be owner of the file to import it into AODocs. Unless if you are AODocs super administrator.

To import from Google Drive, drag and drop your file or folder from your “My Drive” or "Shared with me" to your destination folder. You can also click on the Smarbar button "Import into AODocs" displayed on the document.

When your file is imported to the AODocs Team Folder:
- The ownership will be transfered to the storage account of this library.
- It is automatically shared with all the users who have access to the AODocs Team Folder.

Add a document into different locations

Some Google Drive shortcuts allows you to add a same document into different location.

It is  not possible to add document in more than one location into AODocs, whether it is into the same library or different ones.

A same document can be stored in only one AODocs Folder and any Google Drive folders you want.

There are three methods to add a document into another location:

  • Shift + Z
  1. Select your document.
  2. Hold Shift + Z.
  3. Choose your destination folder.
  4. Click on the “Add here” button.
  • Right Click > Move + CTRL
  1. Right click on your document.
  2. Click on Move to.
  3. Hold CTRL.
  4. Choose your destination folder.
  5. Click on the “Add here” button.

  • Drag + CTRL + Drop
  1. Drag your document
  2. Press CTRL
  3. Drop it into your destination folder

Note: Adding a document into another location is different from
- Moving a document: It will remove the document from the initial location (Right click + Move to or just drag and drop)
- Copy pasting a document: It will create another document, similar to the initial one (Right click + Make a copy)


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