Understand the AODocs document interface

The AODocs document page is composed of:

The AODocs header
The AODocs sidebar
The AODocs document main page



The AODocs header

The AODocs header contains the navigation breadcrumb, the New button, the document title and two action bars.

Note: The upper part of the AODocs header containing the top blue bar, the New button and the left action bar can be hidden.


The following actions are available in the action bars:    

Left action bar
Action Where? Who?




Share: You can manage the sharing permissions at the document level.

Contributors can be prevented from sharing a document.



Publish the document: You can publish the attachment as an embeddable HTML file.

Only Google files can be published.



Notify users: You can send an email to users who can access the document.



Document history: You can access the activity log of a document.



Export: You can export the document to another library or export the document  to a user's My Drive.

  Right action bar
Action Where? Who?





Workflow buttons: If you are a workflow validator, you can perform manual workflow actions.



Manage folders: You can move the document from its current location to another folder.



Open in Google Drive: You can open the attachment in a new tab:
- in the Google editor for Google files
- in the Google preview for non-Google files.



Edit document properties: You can edit the document properties, attachments, relations and description.

Learn more: Edit document properties




Download attachment: The attachment can be downloaded.

Viewers can be prevented from downloading an attachment.



Dupplicate: You can copy the AODocs document. The properties, attachments, relations, descriptions and permissions are copied from the original file.

Contributors can't copy a document if they aren't document creators of the doucment class.



Delete: You can send the document to the library trash.

Contributors can be prevented from deleting a document.

The AODocs sidebar

The document side bar allows you to access the Properties panel, the Versions panel and the attachments of a document. You can also attach a file to a document from the side bar.


The AODocs main page

The AODocs main page opens by default with the Properties panel (from the sidebar).

It contains different sections:

  • The document’s system properties: Library, Document Class, Creation Date, Last Modification Date, Document creator and Last Update Author.
  • The current workflow status of the document.
    Learn more:
    Perform workflow actions
  • The custom properties of the document.
    Learn more:
    Edit custom properties

Note: Custom properties with an empty value are not displayed in view mode.

  • The list of files attached to the document: You can click the name of a file to open its preview, or you can use the action buttons to download it or upload a new version. If the attachment is a Microsoft Office file, you can use the Edit in Office button to open it in Word, Excel or Powerpoint.
    Learn more: 
    Manage document attachments in Document Management libraries
  • The rich text description of the document.


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