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When the AODocs Smartbar is properly installed and activated, a status icon is displayed at the right end of the Google Chrome URL bar (1), as shown in the screenshot below. 

Clicking on this icon opens a pop-up indicating the status of each Smartbar feature (2):

  • The feature is green if it is working correctly.
  • The feature is red when it is not available. For instance, it can be due to a communication issue between the Smartbar and the AODocs API or to an issue with the Google Drive settings: the Smartbar works only if the files are displayed as a list. 
  • The feature is orange if it might be unavailable. For instance, if the page structure is invalid or if the page structure is not detected by the Smartbar.
  • The feature is grey when it is disabled from the Smartbar settings (3).

At the bottom of the pop-up (4), a “Reload” button forces the Smartbar to reload its configuration and update its status, and a “Settings” button opens the Smartbar configuration panel.

The AODocs Smartbar features status icon and settings menu

The configuration panel allows you to turn “ON” or “OFF” each individual feature of the Smartbar (1). Namely:

And you can also switch domain of you have access to more than one Domain with AODocs.

Learn more here: AODocs Smartbar Multi-Domain Usage

AODocs Smartbar's configuration panel

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