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When the AODocs server needs to perform an action that needs a lot of processing resources, AODocs creates a job to break it down into multiple tasks.

Examples of actions that trigger a job:
– Import files into AODocs
– Move a file from one folder to another
– Change the security of a library
– Check ownership and fixing permissions
– Export files to another library or out of AODocs
– Delete a folder

This article explains how to:

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View progress of an individual job in the user interface

When a user action triggers a job, a progress bar is displayed in the user interface. As a user, you can select View more details to monitor the number of tasks being executed and their status.

Note: Certain types of job can't be triggered at the same time on the same items. For example, you can't move a folder structure while some of its subfolders are being deleted.


For many administrator actions, the Job status page is available via a link when the job triggered by your action takes more than a few seconds to complete.


View all jobs in the library administration interface

As a library administrator, you can monitor the library jobs:

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Jobs in the left panel.

3. The list of jobs recently started in the library is displayed, with the following information:

  • type of job
  • who started the job
  • start date/time and latest update date/time
  • global status
  • total number of tasks in queue
  • number of successful and failed tasks
  • Job details button

The jobs are sorted by date from the newest to the oldest.


4. If required, filter the list of jobs. Click the filter button and enter one or more search criteria:

  • type of job
  • global status
  • user who started the job

5. Click Apply filters. The list of jobs matching the search criteria you entered are displayed.

6. Click Reset to remove the filters.


Access job details from the library administration interface

As a library administrator, you can access the Job details page for any job listed in the library administration interface:

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Jobs in the left panel.

3. Click the Job details button next to the job you want to view. The following details for the job are displayed:

  • job ID
  • job type
  • number of pending, completed and failed tasks
  • job status

Click the back button to return to the list of jobs.


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  • How to cancel a job?
    It seems the cancel job button is not available even I'm the administrator of a secured library

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  • Canceling job is not available as this might create inconsistencies in the database. We recommend you to allow the job to finish (depending on the size of the job it can take time) and perform the reversed action afterwards.

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