Manage your libraries

As an AODocs super administrator, you can delete libraries created by library creators.
Learn more: Manage library creators

Access the library management page
Search for a library
Delete a library

Access the library management page

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Press Libraries in the left menu.

The Manage your libraries page displays all the libraries of the domain. You can view the associated storage account of all the libraries. You can also view the statistics and metrics of your libraries: the number of documents and the number of attachments per library. Every library is tagged with a Google Drive logo if the library type is Team Folder or Secured Folder or an AODocs logo if the library type is Document Management.

Search for a library

1. Press the search button.

2. Enter the library name.

Note: You can filter your search by selecting the library type you are looking for.

Delete a library

1. Click the delete button next to the library you want to delete.

2. Select if you want to Delete the Google Drive files owned by the storage account.

3. Press Confirm.

Important: You can choose to Delete the Google Drive files owned by the storage account.
- If you select this option, all documents and attachments of the library will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.
- If you do not select this option, the permissions set on the attachments before the library deletion are kept. For example, if a library user adds an AODocs attachment to their My Drive, they will be able to access the attachments after the library is deleted.
The storage account remains the owner of the files. In a Team Folder or a Secured Folder, you can transfer the ownership before deleting the library using the export feature.

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