Manage deleted documents

Documents and files deleted by users are moved to the library’s trash, which is accessible only by the library administrators. The library’s trash is not limited in terms of number of deleted documents but there is a retention period. It means that after a period of time following the deletion of a file it will be automatically permanently deleted. You can manage the retention period for each library in the general settings. Learn more here: Manage the retention period of deleted documents 

- When a document is in the library’s trash, it is not visible in the document list of the library.
- A document can be removed (either permanently deleted or restored) from the library’s trash by a library administrator.

To manage deleted items, open the library administration interface and select “Deleted documents” in the “Library Administration” section (1).

You will see the list of documents that have been deleted in the current library. You can click the document name to open the document and its attachment. To permanently delete or restore a document, click on the “Delete” or “Restore” buttons (2) beside the document. If you have a list of documents to restore or delete permanently, select the documents (3) and click on “Delete” or “Restore” at the top of the list (4).

Deleting or restoring documents from Library administration

If you chose to delete or restore the documents, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm your choice. If you confirm the deletion, the document(s) selected will be permanently deleted from the library. If you confirm the restoration, the document will be reinstated in the library.

Delete confirmation pop-up  / Restore confirmation pop-up

Learn more here: View the audit log

Note: You can't restore folders that have been deleted. Only the files contained in the deleted folders are in the trash.

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