What are views?

A view is a page in AODocs that lists AODocs documents (or a subset of documents) from one or all document classes in a library.

Starting with AODocs Release 55, we're rebuilding the views page from the ground up. Learn more about the new views: Use views (beta version) in your AODocs libraries.

Users can access views from the library homepage.

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Example of a view in a Secured Folder

In the example below, users can:

  • view documents listed with their title, date of last update and contract ID (if defined for the document)
  • browse documents by navigating through the folder structure
  • filter documents for display according to:
    • document creation date
    • document creator

View in a Secured Folder with a browsing tree and filters

Example of a view in a Document Management library

In the example below, users can:

  • view documents in the contract document class, listed with their title and several custom properties
  • filter documents for display according to:
    • Signature date (Date type property)
    • Company (Category type property, with a list of defined values in a drop-down list)

image02.pngView in a Document Management library with no browsing tree

Manage your default views

When you create a Team Folder or Secured Folder, a class named Document and a default view called All documents are created by default.

When you create the first document class in a Document Management library, a default view called All documents is created.

Note: The default view All documents is configured to display all the documents in the first (or only) class created in the library. 

As a library administrator, you can configure:

  • who can access the view
  • which documents are listed, based on predefined filters
  • which properties are displayed
  • how the list can be further filtered or browsed by users
  • how the list is sorted

Learn more: Configure views in your library.

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  • Buen día,

    Let's suppose we have a library with all company policies that all employees can access.
    But there are a number of policies that are confidential and that not all users should access (and that group that should be able to see those confidential policies is variable depending on what policy it is).

    To avoid creating N libraries can this be handled with views? or the solution is to create some script that changes the default readers by what is set through a property during the approval flow and before going into effect?


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