Attach files to an existing document

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To attach an existing file to a document in an AODocs Document Management library, open the document, select the “Properties” tab (1), click on the “More actions” button and click on “Attach file” (2):

Attaching a file to a document through the “More actions” menu

You will then be able to choose between uploading a file (3) or selecting a file from Google Drive (4). If you choose “Upload”, you can either drag and drop files directly (5) or select them from your computer (6).

Selecting files to attach

If you select a file from Google Drive, you will be able to choose Google Drive files that you own (7). Choose the file (8) and click on “Select” (9).

Drive files that can be attached

The ownership of the file you have uploaded or selected will be transferred to the AODocs storage account, and the file will be attached to your AODocs document. After the operation is completed, you will see your file in the list of attached files (10).

The document’s list of attached files

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