Copy documents within a library

In an AODocs library, you can copy a document with its properties, attachments, relations, description and permissions. Only the last version of a document is copied with the same version name and description. The workflow state is reset in the copied document.

You can copy documents if you are:

  • allowed to create a document in the document class
  • reader or contributor on the document
  • contributor on the parent folder if the permissions are inherited from folders
  • contributor on the document class permissions

Learn more: Configure inherited permissions on documents

1. Open the document you want to copy. The properties, versions and all the attachments of the document are displayed.


2. Open the More actions menu, and select Copy document.


3. When the copy operation starts, a status bar appears at the top of the screen, indicating the progress of the copy operation. It disappears when the copy is complete. You can press View more details to open a pop-up with more information about the progress of the copy operation.


When the copy is complete, the copied document opens. 

The document is renamed Copy of [Name of of original document].
The workflow state is reset. Only the last version of a document is copied with the same version name and description.
The properties, attachment, relations, descriptions and permissions are copied as in the original file. Press the Edit button to modify them. 

Note: The attachments of the copied document are copies of the original attachment, so have different URLs even if they have the same name.


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