Customize your library homepage

All libraries have a homepage. When you create a new library, its homepage has standard text and information. Library administrators can customize library homepages.

Learn more: What is the library homepage?

To customize your library homepage:

1. Access the library administration interface.

2. Select General settings.

3. To change the name of the library, edit the Title field.

4. To add a logo for the library, under Logo Image, you can:

  • enter a URL
  • upload a file from your computer
  • drag and drop a file into the Drop files here field 


5. Scroll down to view the Welcome message section.

6. Add a welcome message. This can be a description of the library, including:

Tips: To start from well-designed examples, you can create a library from a template.

7. Press Save at the top of the page after making your changes.


You can see your changes on the library homepage.


This video shows how to customize different elements of your library homepage: 

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  • Can you modify the font size of the Title of a library?

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  • So far you can not modify the size of the title of the AODocs library. But you can perhaps leverage the Welcome Message to display an image or something else to emphasize the context of the library!

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  • How can I set a background color for the entire area behind the logo? Also I want to show a custom text on the middle like a header

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  • How can I create a text box which spans across 3 columns by merging the column view?

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  • For the background color behind the logo, you can't customize it but you we support png formats that allow transparency. Also, you can customize your background directly in the image.
    If by text box, you mean the Homepage message, we support HTML so you should be able to create tables with the format you want, including merging columns on certain rows.

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