Customize the Library homepage

A new library has a standard homepage with standard text and information. The homepage can be customized by a library administrator. 

To customize the Library homepage, access the “Administration console” (2) under the “Administration” tab (1).

Accessing the “Administration console” of a library

In “General settings” (3) you will be able to:

  • Edit the name of the library
  • Add a display image for the library
  • Add a welcome message for the library

To edit the name of the library, edit the “Title” field (4).

To add a display image for the library, access the “Logo Image” section of the library. Drag and drop the image in the “Logo Image” section or upload an image from your computer. You can also add an image through a URL (5).

Library general settings - Editing the name and Adding a logo

Scrolling down in the "General setting", you reach the "Welcome message" section (6). In this section, you can add a welcome message or a description of the library, you can also write custom text, add images or hyperlinks.

Click on the “Save” button (7) at the top of the page after implementing all the changes.

Adding a welcome message to the library homepage

You will be able to see all these changes on the library.

Library homepage after customization

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