Manage your account

When opening the AODocs user interface, AODocs transparently retrieves the Google account that you are using and determines your access permissions, such as the list of libraries you have access to. If you are signed in with multiple Google accounts at once, AODocs will select one of your accounts for your AODocs session. The Google account used by AODocs is displayed at the top right corner of the screen (1).

Note: If you have multiple Google accounts, we recommend using multiple Chrome sessions, with one Chrome session for each of your account, to avoid any ambiguity when using AODocs and Google Drive. Learn more here: Share Chrome with other people (set up multiple chrome sessions)

To logout of your AODocs account, click on the arrow besides your account (1) at the top of the page and choose the “Logout” option in the Menu (2). Note that you will also be logged out of all your other Google sessions, including GMail, Google Drive and any other application using your Google account.

Account logout option

If you want to switch to another account, choose the “Switch account” option in the same menu (3).

Switching account option

You will then be redirected to a Google sign-in page showing the list of Google accounts currently connected to your browser session, and a button to add another account.

Google account selection window

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