The AODocs storage account

The AODocs storage account is a Google account belonging to your G Suite domain that you have assigned to AODocs. It is used by AODocs to own the managed files in Google Drive.

  • When a file is imported into AODocs, the ownership is automatically transferred to this account. In the following example the storage account is named “AODocs Owner”.

Transferring the ownership of an imported file to the AODocs storage account

  • When a file is created in a folder managed by AODocs, the file is created with the creator account as its owner, and then it is automatically transferred to the AODocs storage account.

AODocs uses the storage account to build an internal folder structure that is necessary to perform certain AODocs functions. In particular AODocs files owned by the AODocs storage account are organized in a slightly different way than in regular user accounts and some folders may appear “duplicated”. As a result, the AODocs storage account must be dedicated to AODocs and not be used directly by other human users.

AODocs super administrators can configure multiple AODocs storage accounts.
Learn more: Manage storage accounts

Having multiple storage accounts can be necessary in the following situations:

  • to separate access permissions and avoid a single account having access to all files managed by AODocs.
  • to avoid performance bottlenecks when a large number of files are managed by AODocs. We typically recommend to not exceed 50,000 files per storage account. For more information about AODocs performance best practices, contact the AODocs support team.

Storage accounts can only be allocated at the library level: all the files contained in a specific library must be owned by the same storage account, but multiple libraries can share a same storage account. If several storage accounts have been configured, when creating a new library, AODocs will ask you to select a storage account from the list of available accounts.

Note: Google Drive does not allow ownership transfer between accounts belonging to different G Suite domains. As a result, when a user who does not belong to the AODocs storage account's domain adds a file into AODocs, AODocs must make a copy of the file so that the copy is owned by the AODocs storage account.

The AODocs storage accounts do not use AODocs licenses, no matter how many storage accounts are configured in your AODocs libraries configuration.

- AODocs storage account should be considered as a technical account.
- In Google Drive, moving files, folders, or modifying file permissions directly from the AODocs storage account can disrupt AODocs processes and result in malfunctions.
- Under no circumstance should you change a storage account name or email address.
- Changing the password of the storage account does not impact AODocs.

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