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With the AODocs Smartbar installed, you can open and edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) directly in Google Drive, without having to download, modify and re-upload them in Google Drive.
Learn more here: Presentation of the AODocs Smartbar.

This article explains how to edit Microsoft Office files from Google Drive directly on your computer.

1. Click the dedicated Edit file icon displayed next to your Microsoft Office document:

  • W icon for Word 
  • X icon for Excel 
  • P icon for PowerPoint

The Edit file icon appears when you hover the cursor over a Microsoft Office document.


Microsoft Office downloads the file from AODocs.

Tip: You can open in Microsoft Office files that are not managed by AODocs, for example files from your My Drive folders or files from your Team Drives.

2. The AODocs Smartbar opens the file in the dedicated Microsoft Office application, for example Excel:

3. Edit your Microsoft Office document directly in the dedicated application.

4. When you have finished your modifications, press the save button and close the file.

2017-06-06_14-04-31.png5. In Google Drive, check that your changes have been saved by selecting your file and pressing the preview button.


As expected your last changes have been saved in Google Drive.


Two users can't edit the same document at the same time. When a user opens a document, it's automatically locked. If another user tries to edit the document, they can only save a local copy or open it in read-only mode.


If you keep a file open for one hour without saving it, the lock is released and another user can edit the file. You will no longer be able to edit the file again until the other user has finished editing. You can save the file locally to keep any unsaved changes.

You can open Microsoft Office documents on your computer only if:

  • the document is a Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint file with one of these extensions:
    • Word document: docx, doc or docm
    • PowerPoint document: pptx, ppt or pptm
    • Excel document: xlsx, xls or xlsm
  • you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer - supported versions are from 2007 up to the most recent version for Windows and Mac OS
  • Google Chrome with the latest version of the AODocs Smartbar extension and the AODocs WebDAV client is installed on your computer - read more about how to Install the AODocs Smartbar and Install the AODocs WebDAV client
  • the name of the document doesn't exceed 250 characters
  • the size of the document doesn't exceed 32 MB

Note: In Microsoft Office, files managed by AODocs may open automatically in Protected View because they are downloaded from the internet. To edit the file, accept the prompt that appears when you open it. To change this default behavior, change the setting of the Protected View in Microsoft Office. Read more about how to change your Protected View settings.

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