Locate your files in Google Drive

Use the breadcrumb (1) (available in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides) to locate your files from the Google Drive editor interface. You can see the file path in AODocs at the top of the file header. You can click on any segment of the path to open the corresponding folder in Google Drive. You can also click on the AODocs button (2) to open the file in AODocs.

The AODocs Smartbar displays the AODocs folder where the file is located

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  • I would like to locate Excel and Word documents in Google Drive. This procedure explains only Google Docs, Sheets and Slides location.

  • Hello Paulo,
    Indeed the smartbar only display the breadcrumb of the file for Docs, Sheets and Slides because it is the only documents who have a dedicated interface in Google Drive. Excel, word, pdf and other types of document only allow you to have a preview. We are looking into it but there are technical limitations because the preview is a sort of iframe on top of the Google Drive interface.

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