Add files and folders to your Secured Folder

In a Secured Folder library, you can upload files and folders from your local computer or import files and folders from your Google Drive.

 Upload files and folders from your computer
 Import files and folders from Google Drive
 Import Google files

Upload files and folders from your computer

You can drag and drop files and folders from your computer into the destination folder of the Secured Folder library:


You can also upload local files or folders from a file picker.

1. Access your destination folder using the library picker or your My Drive’s structure.


2. Click on “NEW”.

3. Click on "File upload" or "Folder upload".


4. Select the files from your computer in the pop-up.

5. Click “Open” to upload them.

Import files and folders from Google Drive

- End-users can only import files they own but are not allowed to import folders.
- Library Administrators can import files and folders but are limited to these following limitations:
          * They can import only files they own.
          * They cannot import more than 10 folders and a 100 files.
- AODocs Super Administrators can import files and folders without any limitations.

Library Administrators and AODocs Super Administrators can also import folders from the AODocs interface. Learn more here: Import folders from Drive in a Secured Folder or Team Folder.

1. In your My Drive, select the file or folder to import in the Secured Folder library.

2. Click on the Smarbar button "Import into AODocs".

Note: The Import into AODocs button does not appear on files belonging to a Team Drive.Select_and_click_on_the_import_button.jpg

3. In the import pop-up, select the target Secured Folder library in the drop-down list.

4. Click on “Import to root” to import the file to the root folder of the Secured Folder library. If you want to import the file to a subfolder, click on “Select subfolder” and follow step 5.


5. In another pop-up, select a subfolder of the Secured Folder library where you want to import the document into and click on “Select”.
    At the end of the import process, a success message appears.

When your file is imported to the Secured Folder library:
- The ownership is transferred to the storage account of this library.
- All previous permissions are removed and it is automatically shared with all the users who have access to the Secured Folder library.


Import Google files

Google files like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can be imported directly from their editor interface.

1. In the document editor, press Import into AODocs.2017-06-09_9-58-15.png

2. A pop-up window appears. Select the destination library you want to import the file into and the location (root folder or subfolder).2017-06-09_10-04-52.png

3. The file is then imported in the library. The owner becomes the storage account and its location change to where you chose.

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