Enable Google Workspace APIs in your domain

Important: You must be a Google Workspace super admin to perform the actions described in this article. Learn more: Pre-built administrator roles.

To be able to install AODocs on your domain, the following Google Workspace APIs must be active:

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Drive SDK API access

AODocs uses the Google Workspace Admin SDK API to access and edit information about files stored in Google Drive.

As a Google Workspace super administrator, you must enable this option for all AODocs users, including AODocs storage accounts and regular users.

1. In the Google Admin console, click Apps.


2. Click Google Workspace.


3. Click Drive and Docs.


4. Scroll down and click Features and Applications.


5. Select the checkbox Allow users to access Google Drive with the Drive SDK API.

6. Click Save.



Admin SDK API access

AODocs uses the Google Workspace Admin SDK application programming interfaces (APIs) to access the lists of users and groups in your domain. This lets AODocs control if a user account exists in your domain, to retrieve the list of users who are members of a Google Group, and many other security-related operations.

This option is enabled by default. 

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  • This does not explain why you are performing the actions or who would need this.

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  • Hello Mirage, I updated our Knowledge base team. We will update the article in next synchronisation. To answer you, the actions described here, require a G Suite super admin profile and they are needed for AODocs to be able to use the APIs (Google Drive, Directory APIs,..) to perform actions on the domains of our clients who installed and authorized AODocs.

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