Enable G Suite APIs on your domain

The G Suite Super Admin rights are required to perform the actions described in this article.

AODocs uses the APIs G Suite Admin SDK to access the lists of users and groups on your domain.
It allows AODocs to control if a user account exists in your domain, to retrieve the list of users who are members of a Google Group, and many other security-related operations.
Before installing AODocs on your domain, you will need to enable the API in your G Suite Admin console.
First go to https://admin.google.com and log into your Google admin account. Then select Security (1).

Opening the security settings in the Google domain admin console

Select “API reference” (2) and check the checkbox (3) to enable API access. Click on “SAVE CHANGES” (4) to save.

Enabling API access on your domain


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  • This does not explain why you are performing the actions or who would need this.

  • Hello Mirage, I updated our Knowledge base team. We will update the article in next synchronisation. To answer you, the actions described here, require a G Suite super admin profile and they are needed for AODocs to be able to use the APIs (Google Drive, Directory APIs,..) to perform actions on the domains of our clients who installed and authorized AODocs.

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