Create a Google Workspace admin role with minimum privileges

When you install AODocs, you must use a Google Workspace admin account. Most organizations use the account of a real person who is Workspace admin on their domain.

However, if your organzation wants to restrict the information it shares with AODocs, you can create a Google Workspace role with minimum privileges and assign it to a user account that doesn't correspond to a real person. You can then use this user account to manage AODocs. 

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Create a Google Workspace admin role

AODocs requires a user with at least read access to the organisation units, users and groups of the domain. Create a custom Workspace admin role with these minimum privileges. 

1. As a Workspace admin, access the Google Workspace Admin console:

2. Open Account > Admin roles.

3. Click Create new role.


4. Enter a name for the role and click Continue.


5. Scroll down. Under Admin API privileges add the following privileges:

  • Organisation Units: Read
  • Users: Read
  • Groups: Read

6. Click Continue.


7. Check the summary is correct and click Create role


Create a Workspace user

You must create a user account that doesn't correspond to a real user. 

1. In the Google Workspace Admin console, select Directory > Users.

2. Click Add new user.


3. Enter the user’s  first and last names and email address. We recommend the following values:


A confirmation dialog opens. Copy the password and make a note of it. Click Done.


Assign the Workspace admin role to your user

1. In the Google Workspace Admin console, select Account > Admin roles.

2. Click Assign admin next to the custom role you created earlier.

3. Click Assign members in the screen that opens.


4. Use the search field to find the user you created earlier. 

5. Click Assign role.


Your new user is now the new Workspace admin with minimum privileges. 


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