Configure your Secured Folder

To configure a Secured Folder library you need to have the administrator role on that library and have the AODocs Smartbar installed on your Chrome. 
Learn more: Install the AODocs Smartbar

To open your Secured Folder security settings: access your Secured Folder in Google Drive and press the gear button next to the search bar and select Library security.
Learn more: Access AODocs libraries in Google Drive

Accessing the Secured Folder settings from Google Drive

The Secured Folder configuration pop-up has the following tabs:

Help on configuring Secured Folders

The Secured Folder security settings

Configuring, managing users permissions and retention time of deleted files and renaming a Secured Folder.
Learn more: Secured Folder security center

Push Team Folders or Secured Folders to user's My Drive

Pushing a Secured Folder into user's My Drive.
Learn more: Push Team Folders or Secured Folders to User's My Drive

Prevent users from changing file permissions

Preventing users from changing the permissions of files and folders in the Secured Folder.
Learn more: Apply uniform permissions to all files and folders in your Team Folder or Secured Folder

Prevent users from deleting files

Preventing users from deleting files or folders in a Secured Folder. If enabled, only administrators of the Secured Folder will be able to put files in the Secured Folder's trash.
Learn more: Prevent users from deleting documents and folders

Locking the Secured Folder's structure

Preventing users from moving, renaming, deleting or creating a folder in the Secured Folder.
Learn more: Lock the folder structure

Display and restore files from the trash

Listing and restoring the files in a Secured Folder’s trash. Administrators can list all the deleted files to restore them or permanently delete them from the Secured Folder's trash.
Learn more: Display and restore files from the trash

Manage the retention time of deleted files

Managing the retention time of deleted files in a Secured Folder. AODocs can keep deleted files forever, or can automatically delete deleted files after a time period.
Learn more: Manage the retention time of deleted files

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