Deploy Smartbar permissions on your domain

As a G Suite super admin, you can install the AODocs Smartbar - Domain wide deployment application so your end-users don't have to request permissions individually to access the AODocs Smartbar.

Note: You must be a G Suite super admin to install the AODocs Smartbar - Domain wide deployment application.

1. Access the AODocs Smartbar Domain-wide deployment application on Google Apps Marketplace.

2. Press Install App.


3. A pop-up opens. Choose the organization unit for which you want to install the application. Your Smartbar users must be in this organisation unit.

4. Select the agreement checkbox and press Accept.


5. It takes a few seconds for the app to install, then a pop-up opens. Set the switch Notification will be sent to users to OFF, to allow seamless authorization for end-users.

6. Press Next.


7. Press Next in the pop-up that opens.image04.png

8. A pop-up opens to confirm that the AODocs Smartbar - Domain wide deployment application has been installed. Close the pop-up without launching the app.

Note: As this app is used only for global authorization, launching it simply redirects you to the Smartbar extension page in Google Apps Marketplace.

The application is now installed!

You can see it in your G Suite domain administration console in Apps > Marketplace apps:

Note that users who aren't domain admins can't install the app from Google Apps Marketplace.

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