What are attachments?

Libraries are document containers. Each library has its own specific configuration.

Libraries are associated with a storage platform where the attachments in your libraries are stored. Learn more about the storage platforms available and the differences between them.

Attachments are listed in the left sidebar of your document. In Document Management libraries you can also access attachments in the Properties tab, under Attachments.

Documents in Team Folders and Secured Folders have exactly one attachment.

image01.pngA single attachment in a Secured Folder

Documents in Document Management libraries can have one attachment, several attachments or no attachments.

image02.pngMultiple attachments in a Document Management library using Google Drive storage


image03.pngMultiple attachments in a Document Management library using Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage

Note: If you have edit rights, you can modify the document properties. Learn more: Edit custom properties.

Some actions for managing attachments are available in all three types of library (Team Folder, Secured Folder and Document Management libraries). For example: 

Other actions for managing attachments are specific to Document Management libraries, such as:

Learn more about working with Google file attachments and Microsoft Office file attachments in any type of library using Google Drive storage. 

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  • Are default attachments to templates referrants to the same file on the Google Drive or do they create a copy of the "attached" google drive file? If it is the former, is there a way to configure default attachments to templates that are copies of a referrant file?

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  • We make copies of the Google Drive file(s) attached to the Document template every time the template is used.
    Learn more here:

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