AwesomeTable connector - Permissions and Limitations

This article presents the limitations and the permissions required by the AwesomeTable connector add-on.

Permissions required

Permissions required

When installing the AODocs AwesomeTable connector, end users are asked to grant some permissions on their G Suite account.


The table below lists the permissions requested by the AODocs AwesomeTable connector and the reason why they are required:

Know who you are on Google
View your email address
It allows the add-on to make sure you are authenticated and authorized to access the AODocs view data.
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in It allows the add-on to populate the Google Sheet the AwesomeTable will fetch its data from.
View and manage data associated with the application It allows the add-on to store configuration data, especially to make the auto-update feature work properly.
Allow this application to run when you are not present It allows the auto-update feature to refresh the content of the sheet even when you are not using it.
Send email as you It allows the add-on to warn you whenever the auto-update feature encounters a problem and needs an action from you.
Connect to an external service It allows the add-on to reach to AwesomeTable API and create the AwesomeTable.


The following items list the current limitations of the AwesomeTable connector:

  • The property file size view, if present in your view, won’t be exported to the AwesomeTable.
  • The add-on can’t be used inside the Google Sheets viewer in AODocs preview feature.
  • You might experience timezone issues with your date properties in some configurations. If so, change any cell content in your spreadsheet (by putting a title in bold, for example), and click the "Update" button in the add-on to refresh the content.
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  • What ist he maximum number of records you can export through Awsometable ?

  • Hello,
    Normally the limitation is the limit of spreadsheet cells (2 million cells), but lately we had an incident where the number of exported records stopped between 9K and 50K records. Our engineering team is working on it.

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