Bulk Updater - User Guide

The Bulk Updater is a web application allowing you to update in bulk the properties (also called metadata) of your AODocs documents.

The Bulk Updater provides a simple form where you can select a list of documents from AODocs, and export their properties to a Google spreadsheet. Once exported, you can modify the content of the Google spreadsheet and then apply your updates to the original documents in AODocs from the spreadsheet.

Important: Only library administrators and super administrators can use the Bulk Updater.

Export your AODocs library content
Update your AODocs library content
 Respect the Formatting Rules

Export your AODocs library content

Access the Bulk Updater tool

1. Open the page: https://bulk-updater.aodocs.com

2. At the first access to the application, you will be asked to grant permissions. Click on “Allow”.
    Learn more here: Bulk Updater - Permissions and Best Practices


Configure your export

1. In the Bulk Updater application, use the drop-down lists and select a domain and then a library from this domain.

Note: The domain and library are the two fields mandatory to perform an export.

2. To export a specific subset of your documents, select a view or enter a search query to restrict the documents to be exported.     

Learn more here: Advanced search operators.

- If no view is selected, the Bulk Updater will export all the documents from all the document classes of the library and all the properties of each document class (system and custom properties).
- If a view is selected, only the properties of the associated document class displayed in the view will be exported.
- A query can be applied only if a view is selected.

Important: If you have selected a view (with or without a query), only 7,000 documents will be exported.


Export your content

1. Click on the export button.
    A pop-up window opens to confirm that the export is running. The export will be running in the background, you can leave the page if you want.


2. At the end of the export, you will receive an email from the Bulk Updater (system@bulk-updater.aodocs.com).
    The email notification includes the link to the Google spreadsheet of your export.


- The export spreadsheet is added to the "Shared with me" section of the user who performed the export.
- The spreadsheet can be shared with multiple collaborators to modify the properties' values.

Update your AODocs library content

Important: Only the person who performed the export can execute the update. The spreadsheet can be shared with collaborators to update the values of the spreadsheet, but these collaborators will have an error message if they try to can launch an update action.

1. In the exported spreadsheet, click on the “Bulk Updater” custom menu in the toolbar and select “Show Update Menu”.
   A pop-up opens to ask you to grant permission to the “Run Update” script.


2. In the “Authorization required” pop-up, click on “Continue” and then “Allow” all the permissions required by the Run Update script.
    Once authorized, the Bulk Updater side bar appears including the export information

Learn more here: Bulk Updater - Permissions & Best Practices

Note: The Run Update script needs to be authorized each time you want to show the Update Menu.


3. Check the documents and values of properties exported in the spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet:
    - Each row represent to one AODocs document.
    - The column A is a column used by the script, it is systematically hidden and should not be modified.
    - The column B refers to the ID of the AODocs document.
    - The column C refers to the title of the AODocs document.
    - The columns from column D are the properties exported from AODocs.
    - The greyed columns are system properties and should not be modified.

A notification will inform you if you try to edit columns you should not. The system properties can not be modified with the bulk Updater. The update of the document with modified system property ID will fail, and the status will be marked as ERROR.

4. Update the properties manually in the corresponding cell. You can only update the white columns.

Important: While updating the values of the properties in the spreadsheet, make sure to follow the formatting rules recognized by the Bulk Updater. If the updated value of a property is not written in the correct format, the property will not be updated. Learn more here: Respect the Formatting Rules.

5. Click on the “Update” button.
    The update is running, and the button is greyed out until the end of the update job.


6. At the end of the update, you will receive an email from the Bulk Updater (system@bulk-updater.aodocs.com).
    The email includes the link to the Google spreadsheet (owned by system@bulk-updater.aodocs.com) of the exported documents.


7. Check the two last columns of the Google spreadsheet (Status, Reason). It provides a report of the status of the document update process.

Here are the possible Status and Reason you can have:




Successfully updated


The updater ignored the document because not modified




Unable to set state for 'StoreableDocument [getId()=documentId, getTitle()=PropertyName]' to 'WorkflowState'

Invalid value 'XXX' in 'PropertyName'

An error occurred during the update


You don’t have edit nor read right on this document


User not recognized by AODocs


AODocs back-end temporarily unreachable. Relaunch update


Document not found


Respect the Formatting Rules

When updating the values of the properties, you have to respect specific formatting rules.

Important: The properties will be not be updated if the value entered manually doesn’t match the formatting rules

Tips: Before the Update, check: 
- The document for typos 
- New values of a Category are defined in AODocs 
- Values of a Category do not contain a separator (“/” or “>”)



Property type:

  • Use integer values

Example: 0, 1, 2, -1, …

Property type:

  • Use decimal values with a dot separator “.”

Example: 0.1, -5.1,

Property type:

No comments

Property type:

  • Type a string with less than 400 alphabets, numbers and special characters

Property type:

No comments

Property type:

  • Type a link to the document

Property type:

  • If you try to update a Person property with an invalid email address, the property will not be updated.

Property type:

  • Type “true” or “false” (case insensitive)

Property type:

  • For Date & Time Field type, use the format “dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss”
  • For Date Field type, use the format “dd/MM/yyyy”
  • For Date Field type, use the format “HH:mm:ss”

Property type:

  • If the Category is not set as “Dynamic values”, type only values configured in the list of values configured in AODocs.
  • If the Category is set as “Dynamic values”, type values configured in the list of values configured in AODocs or new values.

  • To enter a value of a category with sublevels, use the slash separator “>”.

Example: USA>Atlanta

Property configuration:
Multiple value

  • To enter several values in a single cell, use the pipe separator “|”

Example: Finance|HR

Property configuration:

  • Hidden fields can be updated.

Property configuration:

  • The Bulk Updater will not force you to enter a value for mandatory fields.

Note: Values from a mandatory property can be removed if the cell is blank.

Workflow State

  • If you try to update a Workflow State with a value not configured in AODocs, the State will not be updated
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