What is Bulk Updater?

Bulk Updater is a web application that allows you to update in bulk the properties (also called metadata) of your AODocs documents.

Bulk Updater provides a simple form where you can select a list of documents from AODocs and export their properties to a Google spreadsheet. Once exported, you can modify the content of the Google spreadsheet and then apply your updates to the original documents in AODocs.

Bulk Updater can be used for all types of AODocs library.

 User permissions
 Bulk Updater process

Note: Bulk Updater is currently in beta.

User permissions

Only super administrators and library administrators can use Bulk Updater.

When you export an AODocs library, the resulting Google spreadsheet is owned by Bulk Updater and shared with you. You can share the spreadsheet with other users who can help prepare the document update.

- Bulk Updater locks some cells ranges in the exported spreadsheet to avoid accidental changes by users. As locking cells can be performed only by the owner of a spreadsheet, Bulk Updater needs a special account as the owner.
- Only the super administrator or library administrator who ran the export can launch the update.

Bulk Updater process

You can access Bulk Updater with this link: https://bulk-updater.aodocs.com

Bulk Updater is composed of two processes:

  • export process
  • update process


Export process:

1. In Bulk Updater, select a domain and a library. All the documents in your library will be exported.

Note: If you want to export a subset of your documents, select a view and, if required, apply a search query to select the documents to export.

2. Start the export.

3. Check your emails. At the end of the export process, Bulk Updater sends you an email with a link to the exported spreadsheet.

Update process:

1. Open the Google spreadsheet sent by email at the end the of the export process. 

2. Access the Bulk Updater features using the custom menu in the toolbar.

3. Update the content of the Google spreadsheet with the changes you want to apply.

4. Open Bulk Updater using the custom menu in the toolbar and launch the update.

5. Check your emails. At the end of the update process, Bulk Updater sends you an email with a link to the exported Google spreadsheet.

The two last columns of the Google spreadsheet (Status, Reason) indicate the status of the update.

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