Add files or folders to different locations

Note: Google is planning to simplify Google Drive’s folder structure and sharing models. As part of this change, the possibility to add files in multiple locations will be removed and replaced by the shortcut functionality on 30 September 2020.

In Google Drive you can add the same file or folder to multiple locations. This means the original file or folder is accessible in different locations without being duplicated.

Important: If a file or folder is managed by AODocs:
– it can be added to multiple Google Drive locations
– it can't be added to any other AODocs library or folder


Document shown in an AODocs library and multiple locations in Google Drive

There are three methods to add a file or folder into another location in Google Drive.

Using Shift+Z

1. Select your file or folder.

2. Press and hold Shift+Z (PC and Mac).

3. Choose your target folder.

4. Press the Add button.


Using right-click

1. Right-click your file or folder.

2. In the pop-up select Move to.

3. Press and hold:

  • Control (PC)
  • Alt (Mac)

4. Choose your target folder.

5. Press the Add button.


Using drag and drop

1. Select your file or folder.

2. Drag your item.

3. Press and hold:

  • Control (PC)
  • Alt (Mac)

4. Drop file or folder into your target folder.

A banner appears to confirm the item has been added to the target folder.


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  • So am I right to say that if your file is managed by AODocs then it cant be added to another folder? It can only be moved?

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  • If your file is managed by AODocs, you can't add it to more than one location in AODocs, whether in the same library or in different ones. But you can add it to a personal Drive Folder (for example only shared with you).
    Then, of course, you can move the files from its location.

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  • This doesn't seem to work inside of a Shared Drive... I am not seeing the ADD option. The error is, "Files must be moved". But I don't want to move the file from its location (folder). I want a one-to-many relationship whereby one file is available in multiple folders. Doesn't seem possible in a Shared Drive?

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  • I concur with your analysis Chris. For files that belong to a Shared Drive you will need to create a shortcut:
    if you want to have this one to many relationship.
    Also Google announced the incoming deprecation of the multi location for files in favor to the usage of shortcuts.

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