Add a document to different locations (limitation)

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A native Google Drive feature allows you to add the same file to multiple folders in Google Drive without copying it.
Learn more here: Adding an AODocs file into several standard Google Drive folders

When the file is managed by AODocs, this Google Drive feature is limited:

- A file cannot belong to more than one location managed by AODocs whether it is into the same library or different ones. (e.g. the root folder of a Team folder, the sub-sub-folder of a Secure folder)
- A file can belong to as many locations not managed by AODocs (e.g. Personal folder, ..)

The following screenshot shows a file managed by AODocs with different locations. One location is managed by AODocs, the others are standard Google Drive folders.

Adding an AODocs file into several standard Google Drive folders

There are two methods to add a file into another location:

  • Shift + Z
  1. Select your document
  2. Press Shift + Z
  3. Choose your destination folder
  4. Click on Add

  • Drag + CTRL + Drop
  1. Drag your document
  2. Hold CTRL on PC 
  3. Drop it into your destination folder

Note: Adding a document into another location is different from
- Moving a document: It will remove the document from the initial location (Right click + Move to or just drag and drop)
- Copy pasting a document: It will create another document, similar to the initial one (Right click + Make a copy)

By using these shortcuts, you can have a single document into as many Google Drive folders as you want.

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