Add a File or Folder into different locations

A native Google Drive feature allows you to add the same file to multiple folders in Google Drive without copying it.
Learn more here: Adding an AODocs file into several standard Google Drive folders

This Google Drive feature is limited when files are managed by AODocs:
- It is  not possible to add a file or folder in more than one location into AODocs, whether it is into the same library or different ones.
- A same file or folder can be stored in only one AODocs Folder and any Google Drive folders you want.

There are three methods to add a file or folder into another location:

  • Shift + Z
  1. Select your file or folder.
  2. Hold Shift + Z.
  3. Choose your destination folder.
  4. Click on the “Add here” button.


  • Right Click > Move + CTRL
  1. Right click on your file or folder.
  2. Click on Move to.
  3. Hold CTRL.
  4. Choose your destination folder.
  5. Click on the “Add here” button.

  • Drag + CTRL + Drop
  1. Drag your file or folder
  2. Press CTRL
  3. Drop it into your destination folder

Note: Adding a file or folder into another location is different from:
- Moving a file or folder : It will remove the file or folder from the initial location (Right click + Move to or just drag and drop)
- Copy pasting a file or folder : It will create another a file or folder, similar to the initial one (Right click + Make a copy)

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