Manage the AODocs Smartbar permissions

Once the AODocs Smartbar is installed, as a user, you can define where the Smartbar is authorized.

Important: AODocs recommends to use only one Google account per Google Chrome session.
Learn more here: Google Chrome usage recommendations

Access the AODocs Smartbar permissions
Enable or disable the Smartbar authorization in Gmail
Disable all Smartbar features

Access the AODocs Smartbar permissions

1. From Gmail or Google Drive, click on the Smartbar extension button next to the URL bar.

2. Click on “Permissions”.
    A pop-up “AODocs - Request for permission” opens.


Enable or disable the Smartbar authorization in Gmail
1. Check or uncheck the Gmail option.

2. Click on “Update authorization”.


Disable all Smartbar features

1. Check the current user.

2. Click on “Never for this account, thanks”.

Important: Clicking on "Never for this account, thanks" will remove the authentication token of the Smartbar from your account. The AODocs Smartbar will be completely blocked. To use it again, you will need to re-authorize it as in Enable or disable the Smartbar authorization.


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