Translate and change property display in the workflow emails

As an administrator, you can choose to translate and change the format of the AODocs properties in the workflow emails according to a selected language.

This allows users to receive more comprehensive workflow notification emails according to their language.

The parameter which manages this option is called the "Locale email notifications" and can be found in the General settings of the Library configuration.

In this article, we will present:

 Impact of the "Locale email notifications" setting
 Change the "Locale email notifications" setting

Default format of the email in English US

Impact of the "Locale email notifications" setting 

When you change the language set for the "Locale email notifications", every email sent from this library will adapt the format of the custom properties values to the language.

For example a date with a "Locale email notifications" set to English will be displayed: "Friday, July 14th, 2017".
And a date with a "Locale email notifications" set to French will be displayed: "vendredi 14 Juillet 2017".

Note: You can only select one "Locale email notifications" language.

By default, workflow emails displays system data and documents properties via placeholders.

AODocs adapts the format of the locale if the custom property is of the following types:

  • Integers and Decimal
  • Date, Time and Date & Time
  • Boolean

Tips: You can edit the content of the emails sent via the AODocs workflow by changing the text, the placeholders or by adding images.
Learn more here: 
     - Configure workflow notifications
In the emails, document information names are translated (document creator, last updated by ...). The dates are translated and the date format change according to the locale set. 

Change the "Locale email notifications" setting

1. Access the "Library administration".
    Learn more here: Access the library administration

2. Click on the drop-down menu to change the "locale email notifications" setting.
    You can choose between:
     - English (UK)
     - English (US)
     - French
     - Hungarian
     - Italian
     - Portuguese
     - Spanish

3. At the top, click on save to validate the modification.

Note: By default, the selected value is the language used during the library creation. If the language is not in the one defined in the list then the English US is automatically selected.

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