Migrate from Google Drive folders to an AODocs library

This article provides a methodology on how to migrate your existing Google Drive folder structure used as a shared folder to an AODocs Team Folder or Secured Folder.

1. Create your Team Folder or Secured Folder.

2. For Team Folders, apply the security settings to your library.

Important: It is extremely important to perform this step before launching any import.

3. Review, clean and structure the folder organization in Google Drive you want to migrate before the import.

Below are some general guidelines: 

  • Limit the number of unique permissions on files. 
  • Limit the number of top level folders and the number of levels in your folder hierarchy.
  • Make sure the content you want to migrate is all on your My Drive. If you want to migrate any content from shared drives, you must first move it to My Drive.

  • Organize your folder structure so you have the final structure you want to migrate to your AODocs library.
  • Remove any unwanted files.

Note: The number of files doesn't slow down the migration, but Google Drive's search engine analyses the content of files, so migrating too many files may slow down Drive's search. In addition, Google Drive storage is more expensive than object storage services, so we recommended that you avoid migrating unwanted files to Google Drive.

  • If you are migrating to a Secured Folder, the permissions will be removed and reapplied. You may want to adapt your folder structure ready for new permissions to be applied. If you are migrating to a Team Folder, the Google Drive permissions are retained, so this doesn't apply. 

Note: If you need guidance to map your folder structure in Google Drive, the AODocs service team and the AODocs service partner would be happy to help you. You can contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to sales@aodocs.com.

4. As an AODocs super administrator, import your cleaned folder structure from Drive to AODocs.

5. Monitor your migration progress.

6. For Secured Folders, apply the security settings to your library

7. If required, you can import another set of folders.

8. At the end of your migration, we recommend performing a check ownership at the library level and correcting any errors that may have occurred during the import.

Additional recommendations:
– We recommend waiting for an import to be finished before launching a new one. If you launch too many migrations at the same time, you may slow down your migration process.
– We recommend disabling the Google Drive sync tool when you perform these migrations.
– Don't forget to ask your users to install the AODocs Smartbar. You can also install it for them.

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